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Josh Holmes

I am 31 years old,and married I have 3 children I have lived in Southern Illinois all of my life. I am a buisness rep. for local 702 IBEW in West Frankfort, Illinois.  Prior to taking this job I was a lineman for about 6 years on construction.  I have been deer hunting since I was 6 years old and killd my first deer at the age of 7 with my dad, which was the most memorable hunt I will ever have.  Jake and I have been hunting togather since about 2003 and I actually killed a nice buck the very first time he came to film our hunt, we have a lot of good luck together!  This is a team effort with us and as long as one of us kills a deer we've had history with, I know our hunts been successful.  You can't beat huntin' with the freaks!!!

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