Meet The Freaks

It's Time To Meet The Freaks

Whitetail Freak Jake Stocke

I am 24, and have lived in Southern Illinois all my life.  I have my bachelors degree in Zoology from Southern Illinois University and I am currently employed by BOSS Outdoor Productions.  I am producer and editor of the show American Rifleman on the Outdoor Channel.  I've been going to the woods with my dad, Kevin, even before I was old enough to walk.  I've hunted everything the midwest has to offer, but my true passion lies with Big Whitetails and finding sheds.  I started out in the outdoor industry in 2003 as a freelance cameraman, and things just kind of evolved from there.  My filming partner Josh and I, have been good friends for several years now, and we actually filmed our first kills on film together back in 2004.  Fortunately we come from a part of the country full of big whitetails, and thats just fueled our whitetail addiction.  I would have to say my most proud accomplishment since filming was having my gun kill from 2008 make the Realtree's Monster Bucks DVDs, that was a dream I have had ever since I was a little kid, and it finally came true.