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Where can I purchase the Whitetail Freaks DVD's?
Our shopping cart with our newest release as well as past productions and logowear is located here: (there is a new Freaks Online Store being built as you read this!)


How do I become a Whitetail Freak?
This is the most common question we are asked by the folks we meet. Please send in your video resume and let us know why you are a Whitetail Freak. You must have a kill on video of a 140” or larger deer or a mature deer that is at least 4 ½ years old. Whitetail Freaks has high standards and you must have a personality that likeable on video.

Make sure you send us a copy of your footage and not the origional as we will not return any tapes sent to us. Please provide a sheet listing all revelant contact information: Name, address, phone number and email. Also note that any footage from individuals with prior wildlife convictions will not be accepted nor will we accept any footage with copyrighted material.

Mail all tapes to:
Attn: Kandi Kisky
Whitetail Freaks
25404 300th Ave
Leon, IA 50144

How can I hunt with the Whitetail Freaks Team? How can I invite the Whitetail Freaks Team to hunt my place if I'm an outfitter?
We’d love to hunt with all of our friends and associates, but it is just not possible in the course of a year. Some of the Team members hunt outside of their own properties with a few select friends or outfitters. Mostly it’s only our own farms or leases where access is often limited. If we ever hold a contest to hunt with us, it will be posted in the News section on our website.

If you’d like to invite Don, Kandi, Lee or Tiffany or one of our other Team members to hunt with you please use our contact form and send us your information detailing your place or operation.

What products does the Whitetail Freaks Team use?
• GUNS: Thompson Center
• OPTICS: Nikon
• SCENT CONTROL: Wildlife Research
• CAMOUFLAGE: Realtree
• CALLS: Flextone Game Calls
• SAFETY: Hunter Safety System
• SCOUTING: Trail Pod / CuddeBack
• FOOD PLOTS: Antler King

What kind of video equipment does the Whitetail Freaks Team use or Recommend?
High End: Before anyone invests such a large dollar amount we suggest trying one of the Mid to Low range cameras.
Mid-Range: Canon XH A1, Canon XH G1, Canon XL H1, SonyHDR-FX1
Lower End: Canon GL2, Sony PD-170

How do I advertise on Whitetail Freaks.com or on the show?

Whitetail Freaks has teamed up with WILD COMM for all of our advertising and marketing needs. Those companies interested in the Whitetail Freaks using or highlighting your products should contact:

Wild Communications, LLC
100 International Drive
Suite 355
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Ofc 603.610.8403
Fax 603.570.2066

I have a question about food plotting?
To grow bigger and healthier deer and to keep those deer on our properties the Whitetail Freaks use Antler King www.antlerking.com products. While some of us farm and really know what we are doing, when it comes to food plots these guys are the experts and will be happy to answer your questions.
I have a question about scent control?

While there is no better rule than to hunt high and hunt downwind, often it is not the case as those mature bucks still find their way to be downwind of you. Because of that, we wear Scent-Lok products head to toe and use Wildlife Research odor elimination products to maximize our sent control. Both companies have excellent information on their websites.
How do I get started in the video business? Are there schools for this?

The video industry is a hard business to get into and its often not glamorous. The men and women who film do it because it is something they are passionate about. More often than not these individuals work regular day to day jobs to support their families. It takes making the right connections at the right time, being very personable and not to mention the ability to take big bucks on a consistent basis with a second person in a tree!

When starting out, try getting the best equipment you can afford and work on getting the best footage you can. Just remember, just because a deer is large doesn’t mean that it’s usable footage. Once you have mastered the basic understandings of your camera there are various video schools out there that you can attend.

The Whitetail Freaks do meet once or twice a year to go over video techniques and edits, but due to our hectic schedules we currently do not have a school open to the general public. We do not endorse any of the other schools, but different outdoor production companies do offer camera schools throughout the year.

Another good suggestion would be to see what your local technical school offers for video production. This might not be geared for hunting, but it will give you a great foundation and teach you ways to earn an income outside of the deer woods.

The Whitetail Freaks Forum is also another good place to make the initial connections to get your foot in the door as a number of outdoor personalities visit our forum. You’ll also find video equipment for sale, tips, reviews and much more!

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